Alex Sinclair - Marine Consultant


Professional Background

Since 1980 I have worked with Shipowners, Charterers, P&I Clubs, Underwriters, Lawyers and other interests in the investigation and resolution of marine casualties and disputes. My qualifications for this work are derived from a career at sea, a BSc. Honours degree in Marine Engineering from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and an MSc. in the Science of Corrosion from Imperial College London.


A combination of practical experience and formal qualifications in engineering and corrosion science has enabled me to deal with several hundred diverse cases ranging in type from total loss of ship and cargo to major machinery damages and document based contractual disputes.



Investigation of corrosion and fractured components has been a significant feature of my career but I am more frequently called upon to deal with cases arising from breakdown of engines and other machinery.  Investigation of breakdown and damage to deck cranes has also formed an important part of my work.



This broad variety of activity has necessitated world-wide travel, attendance aboard very many ships and frequent appearance in Court or at Arbitration.  Detailed and illustrated reports have been prepared for each case and where necessary these have been supported by research and calculation.  Where it can be of use, specialist software is employed to assist with calculation.


A few more examples of my work appear in my downloadable CV.

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Professional Background